No wonder we were skinny in the 80’s! Forget the energy bars! Let’s just get physical!

These ladies are surely one of Branson’s newest “Do Not Miss” attractions and certainly one of the most power-packed energetic performances in town. Heather, Jeanette, and Kelly are three highly talented young ladies who can sing, dance and make exercise SEEM fun again! Whew!

Their performance of the Roxette song “The Look” could be their theme song. Throughout the show there are swift changes into bright, clever costumes representing the flair of the 80’s in the style of Olivia Newton-John’s exercise attire, Flashdance fashion, quirky Cindi Lauper outfits, and crowd favorite neon-like costumes for “Dance Like an Egyptian”. They’ve got the look.

Their voices are just right for the original ladies of the 80’s like Pat Benatar, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Cher, Tiffany, Madonna and lots more. Accompanied by an awesome live band and snippets of 80’s trivia, they are refreshingly fun and entertaining…DO NOT MISS!