liverpool1This show delivers. Louise Harrison, owner/manager of the Liverpool Legends and sister of Beatle George Harrison says they’ve met one of their goals if we come to this show at 60 years old and leave feeling 16 years old again. I certainly did—until I heard my knee creak. But for about two hours it was pure magic and memories. The music and performance by the Liverpool Legends is so eerily close to that of the Beatles that you can close your eyes and imagine their ‘60’s performances again-youthful, lively,colorful . I never saw the Beatles in person so for me Liverpool Legends LIVE is great. The John, Paul, and Ringo performances were amazing. Marty Scott with his voice and mannerisms captures the essence of my favorite Beatle George Harrison. If you are a Beatles fan or a fan of great music, go see the Liverpool Legends every night you can at the Andy Williams Theatre Through August 10, 2013 .