Now not only can you get updates from Rosi Juarez here on, Now you can get Weekly Updates with the new show on “Buzz on Branson with Radney Pennington” will air Mondays at 9am and 9pm, also Wednesdays at 6pm. Radney will bring you the latest news and events from Branson, Plus interviews and music from entertainers and businesses. Radney “Little E” Pennington is also an entertainer here in Branson, and has been performing here for 13 years, Note that he is only 15! Growing up and performing virtually all of his life here, Radney has a unique knowledge of Branson and looks forward to sharing that with the listeners. So please join Radney for his first broadcast starting at 9am November 9, 2015, his special guest will be the legendary Mickey Gilley.