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He’s got the look, he’s got the voice, the charm and vulnerability of a young Elvis and the moves that take us back to a time when parents were flabbergasted by the flauntingly provocative hip action. And, the rest of the world….well, the rest of us just proceeded to fall in love with the gyrating rocker from Tupelo. That is the spirit that Joseph Hall captures in his tribute to the King of Rock ‘n Roll.

Joseph was born and raised in Abilene, Texas. His career began in 2006 at a costume party in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska when he dressed as his hero, Elvis Presley. He was asked if he could also sing. And since then he has travelled all over the world and competed in various contests as Elvis including America’s Got Talent and the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist competition sanctioned by Elvis Presley Enterprises. He has won accolades throughout his young career including Fan’s Choice—Male Performer of the Year recognition. He is so remarkably talented that he made it into the Top 10 of America’s Got Talent where he had Sharon Osbourne impressed enough to tell him, “I’ve got shoes older than you, but I’d like to try you on!” Now, he has recognition as one of the top Elvis tribute artists in the world.

In his Rock N Remember tribute show to Elvis, Joseph Hall achieves a complete and powerful flashback experience to the moment when fans fell in love with the talented, handsome, carefree, energetic, high-spirited young man that was Elvis Presley. He covers the entire gamut of favorite Elvis songs through the different eras and the entire show is masterfully produced with stage props fit for the making of a video or TV concert. He’s even got the teddy bears and scarves to woo the ladies.

Joseph is a natural Elvis ….hair and sideburns included! What you see is what you get, down to the black leather and the curl of the lip. His attention to detail in his moves, songs, and mannerisms has some fans proclaiming “it was like seeing Elvis again!” His portrayal is so true-to-life and so entrancing that his bobble head routine may have been created to get himself out of the E-trance and back into being Joseph. You certainly don’t want to miss the bobble head performance. It is hilarious and pure Joseph as a stand-up comedian. His magnetic charm creates such a rapport with his audience that after the show you will want to just sit there and wait for the next show —- tomorrow! He is very friendly, courteous and charming as he enthusiastically greets fans after each show to sign autographs.

There are some fantastic shows in Branson that you will want to see again and again. This is definitely among the top! His fans would not be surprised if Joseph is called to Hollywood for a remake of an Elvis movie. He would be a perfect choice. But in the meantime, we can enjoy him LIVE in Branson. And in 2014, he and his show will be joining the Clay Cooper Theatre family. An excellent choice for both.

Check dates and schedules. Make your reservations for the next show now at the Americana Theatre and then follow him in 2014 to the Clay Cooper Theatre. And, you can listen to and request Joseph Hall’s music on


  1. LaDawn Lemerond

    This is so Great..thanks Rosie.

  2. Suzanne Drennond

    You described Joseph perfectly. He is very talented and charming, loves his family and his fans, and pays tribute to the King of Rock and Roll like no other. I never tire of seeing his show. Put it on your must see list…you will not be disappointed!

  3. Christine Whitmore

    I was young when I knew about Elvis. I heard stories of how the ladies just run up to Elvis and scream whenever he was in sight. Seeing Joseph for the very 1st time, I had chills because of the moves, his voice, everything!!!
    By seeing that, I now understand why the girls were all over Elvis. Joeseph is amazing and would love to see him in movies. That would be awesome!

  4. Beth Thompson

    My oldest daughter saw he was coming to North Platte, Ne in 2009 and she said we should since I took her to Omaha to see the king for her 13th birthday. I was lucky enough to see his last 2 concerts in ne before he went through the pearly gates. Well, to make a long story short, the next two times Joseph came to North Platte we posted posters and took him to our local tv station for the noon time news. My daughter passed away in Sept of 2010 and he sent the most beautiful floral arrangement. He also dedicated his show to her in Oct of 2010. They also ask for a pic of her with Joseph, they decorated her seat that night with lays, teddy bear and of course the picture. I am so proud to call him my friend, all his fans love him to death. He makes everyone feel like he is singing to them. I have been lucky to go on the bus trips to Branson and Memphis with the most loyal fans ever…would be great to see OUR Joseph in the movies but not Love Me Tender because I don’t think we would like to see him die.

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