Remember when you were a kid and you would go to the movies and buy tickets to at least two movies and spend a whole afternoon there? I know, I know… sometimes we didn’t pay for the second one because it was already halfway through. But it was a lot of fun going from movie to movie. Well, the God and Country Theatre captures that spirit. They have so many shows going on all week, it would seem like you could spend a  whole lot of time in Branson in one theater.

Their concession stand is reminiscent of the “good ole days”. Hands-on owners Dick and Dawn Easton man the concession snack bar the majority of the time. Always ready with a quick smile and friendly greeting. Hanging around the lobby, meeting people, enjoying the chocolate covered nuts, ”throwback” prices and the warm, buttery smell of that fresh-popped corn is unbeatable!

What started out as a Cowboy church one night a week, quickly turned into a few more shows the other six days of the week to help cover overhead costs. But they soon discovered even with a few shows, there was not enough to cover the bills. So they did some remodeling and booked more shows. They booked acts that had lost their venues and had nowhere else to go due to theater closings or expired leases. They quickly filled up time slots and the rest is history!

Their show lineups have grown and now include something for everyone. “We have people who will come in with a list of everything they want to see and book 12 or 15 shows,” said Dick Easton. Which ends up a great deal for everyone because once they book one show, they can catch another for just $20.

From the Smokin’ Hot Ladies of Classic Rock from whom you will hear hits from Aretha Franklin, Lesley Gore, The Ronettes, Tina Turner, Brenda Lee, The Crystals, and many more to shows like “Mike Walker & Friends,”  “50’s Rock, Roll and Reminisce,” “Angels of Country Music,” “Conway Remembered,” “California Dreamin’,” “Thank You for the Music – A Modern Tribute to Abba,” “Wade Landry’s Swingin’ Cajun and Country” and several more. Other shows for this year include “Bee Gees and Beyond,” “Dancin’ Through the Years,” “8 O’clock Rock,” “Statler Brothers Revisited”, “All American Gospel”,  “Dalena Ditto’s Come Sail Away” and “Presley Sings Elvis”, an awesome tribute to the King of Rock and Roll by his cousin, Jerry Presley.

You don’t want to miss any of these, so if you don’t have time this trip—you’ll just have to come again!

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