Shows don’t end in Branson…..they just regroup and get better and better. Looking forward to 2014!

During his “time off” Clay Cooper likes to tear things down and move furniture around. The Clay Cooper Theatre will have some major changes to keep up with its growth and some brand new shows. Stay tuned on Facebook for updates to his remodeling and get ready for the greatness of ELVIS as brought to you by America’s Got Talent finalist Joseph Hall. He will be joining the Clay Cooper Theatre family for 2014. The Haygoods, one of Branson’s favorite family shows for over 20 years and a very talented family will also be at Clay’s theatre next year. The return of Mel Tillis is always good to look forward to and of course, the Clay Cooper Express always fun and entertaining. Great upcoming year for the Clay Cooper Theatre!

Jim Barber announced his final performance with the Hamner Barber variety show . With his amazing talent as a singer and ventriloquist, can’t wait to hear what Jim Barber has in the works for 2014.

John Sager, Jackson Haney, Mario Rosales, and Gordy and Debbie take time off from the Uptown Café and are free to roam around the country—and they do! From Texas to California. What fun to be them! Watch their websites and Facebook to keep up with their schedules. HINT: Magic Valley-Rio Grande-Winter Texans.

Jon Sousan’s Tribute Theater just keeps on believing! What with great tributes for The Eagles, Journey, the Platters, and the great Music of the 60’s already on the schedule, it only makes sense that Jon would bring back Jerry Presley as a tribute to Elvis. Jerry is actually a cousin to the King of Rock and Roll and was a Branson tribute artist from 1985 to 1989. He left Branson to travel the world performing with former members of Elvis’ band and back-up singers including The World famous  Jordanaires but wanted to return to Branson. And in 2014, he will! Catch his performance at the Tribute Theatre beginning in March.

And the Beatles? Well their 50th anniversary of the Ed Sullivan Show will be commemorated and celebrated in Chicago by none other than George Harrison’s sister Louise Harrison and Branson’s own Liverpool Legends.

While away from Branson, the boys of Liverpool (Legends, that is) are helping schools, selling out venues and keeping the music of the Beatles alive and LIVE! For the 50th anniversary they will be in Chicago at the Arcada Theatre on Sunday February 9th in St. Charles for a matinee show. Don’t miss!

And, back in Branson, they continue the celebration at the Caravelle Theatre where they will recreate that special Ed Sullivan performance of 1964. Hearing reports that the Caravelle will be transformed into a yellow submarine and have displays of rare Beatles memorabilia. Let’s make this a “forever in Branson” tribute to the Beatles by the Liverpool Legends.

Ring in the New Year 2014. Let’s get started!

In the meantime keep up with other updates to be posted on this blog and, of course, all Branson music is available as always on